6 Best Online Small Business Loan Platforms In Nigeria

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Most often, small business owners require capital either to expand their business to make more profit or to save a dying one. This is where you need access to a small business loan platform that offers fast and easier loans access to small business owners without collateral.

When approaching banks for such a business loan offer, sometimes, it could complicated issues to complete. With much endless paperwork to produce and complete. And when all other means to raise funds for your business as been exhausted, like reaching out to families and friends, the best possible route to consider is to apply for a business loan.

But not all lending platform has the capability to lend small business owners requested loan offer. This is where prior research is good for your loan application process. So you don’t waste your time filling forms on a lending platform that doesn’t have the capacity to raise funds for small business owners.

In this post, I listed some of the top online lending platforms that offer a quick loan to small business owners.

Top Online Lending Platform for Small Business Owners.

#1. Kia Kia (Mr.K).

Kia Kia is an online fully automated small business loan lenders. The word “Kia Kia” is derived from a Nigerian language and local slangs which is “fast fast”. This means they offer the loan you desired as quickly as possible to your bank account provided you meet the required loan qualification status.

I actually visited the website and proceed to request for a loan. It was an amazing experience using the website. A chatbot will take you through the online loan application process.

Though, you will be required to answer numerous questions. One thing I will advise you not to do while filling in your answer to the questions is not to lie. Don’t lie about your current financial status. It is easy to detect if you’re on a loan at the moment or not.

I requested for a loan of ₦ 100,000 at my first attempt and was offered a ₦ 90,000 loan with an interest rate of 20% with an additional ₦ 800 processing fee to repay back the sum of ₦108,800.00 in 29 days. Though, as of when this post was published, the loan is still in administrative review status.

Mr k - kia kai loan website

Visit the Kia Kia website to get a loan in minutes.

#2. C24 Limited.

C24 Limited is a microfinance institution established to help mostly, salary earners achieve their dream by giving them access to small business loans.

The company centered its services to cater to salary earners, those with a pension account and ages between 22 to 55 years. Their online loan application process as been optimized to limit the stress customers go through with some other lending platforms.

And according to the information gathered on their website, C24 only offers loans to an individual who resides in Lagos state alone. This is something you’ll need to pay attention to carefully.

c24 loan lender website homepage

Visit the C24 website to begin your loan application process.

#3. Carbon (Formerly PayLater).

Though, when you first started with Carbon (arguably the best on the list, in my opinion), you won’t be given a larger amount of loans that many small business owners may request. But as you continue taking the smaller loan, you’ll soon gain access to the bigger loans.

As a small business owner, you don’t want to go into taking loans that required short term repayment period except you’re certain of getting back the money and your profit within the repayment period.

This is where Carbon fits perfectly.

Carbon offers small business loans to customers with a long term repayment plan that enables borrowers to pay monthly installments. And at a very reasonable interest rate.

Carbon also offers a loan feature that lest you top up your loan upon two monthly installments timely payment. If you pay on time the first two monthly payments, you can request a loan top up while still having loan repayment left.

Carbon loan app homepage

Visit the Carbon website to get started with your loan application.

#4. QuickCheck.

Quick check offers small business loans suitable for individuals looking to boost his/her business with extra cash. With QuickCheck loan, you can get up to 200,000 in the loan offer.

QuickCheck uses mobile app technology to give individual and small business owners access to financial loan credit in minutes. All you need is your android mobile phone to get access to QuickCheck loan.

Download the app from the Google Playstore to your android phone and start using QuickCheck in minutes.

As a first time applicant, you can gain access to loan up to #10,000. As you repay back on time, your credit score improves and your credit limit also increases.

Quick check loan app logo

Download the QuickCheck android app from the Google play store from this link.

#5. ZedVance.

Zedvance is focused on providing payday loans to salary earners. But on the side, they also offer credit loans to eligible individuals. If you’re self-employed, you can request Zedvance instant nano loans which starts at #5,000. Salary earners can access loans up to #5,000,000.

Though, the loan requirement for salary loans is quite different from the instant nano loan. More documents and means of identification involved.

At the moment, Zedvance offers 3 loan packages:

  • Zedvance instant Nano loans.
  • Zedvance Pay-roll loans.
  • Zedvance for Business – coming soon.
Zedvance loan website homepage

Visit the Zedvance website to get your first loan.

#6. Aella (Formerly Aella Credit).

Whether you’re an individual, small business owner, an investor, Aella has a financial package suitable for you. Like Carbon, Aella also offers payment of bills in the app such as GoTv subscription, DSTV subscription, electricity bills, Airtime recharge, etc.

Aella offers instant affordable loans to individual, small business owners and also offers insurance services – AellaCare.

Aella loans start at #2,000 and up to #1,000,000 Naira. As you repay your loan on time, your credit score improves which gives you access to apply for higher loans and longer loan tenure.

Unlike many other lenders in the industry, Aella doesn’t charge additional fees for late repayment, according to the information on their website. You pay what you owe.

Though, personally, I haven’t defaulted on my loan repayment borrowing from Aella so I can’t tell if this claim is as true as they displayed on their website.

Aella credit loan app website

Click here to visit Aella for your loan application and get your loan in minutes.


Although, while taking loans is not always the best option to grow or start a business. Sometimes, it is the only available bailout means to start or expand a business.

While most of the listed money lenders do give quick and easy loans, it’s important as a smart business person to pay close attention to their terms and conditions. As a business person, taking loans to expand or build your business that requires short-term tenor might not be a good thing for your business.

So analyze things better before going for loans with any online small business loan lenders.

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